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The world is full of talented kids, but only a few will succeed when they are grown up. To be able to break through into the world of glamor and glitter they need two things: talent and knowledge. Those who has no talent falls off straight away. But even those who do have talent, has to go a long and hard way. Together with a normal education, because success is never guaranteed. Young Artists is paying attention for these talented kids, and hopes that someday their wishes come true.

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Country Music & Me is the second album from Keelan Arbuckle, including great songs as Amarillo By Morning, Wanted, Act Naturally and That Summer. His first album `That`s Important To Me` seems to be sold out but don`t worry, you will find the title track from that cd on this album as well.
The album is available at several places, or can be ordered at IrishMusic.

Keelan is working with producer Steve Bloor, who is also working with Simon Peters, Ben Troy, Gerald Ahern (the Wee Amigos), Owen Mac, Kelly Davitt and many more Irish country musicians.

Ky Baldwin is a young singer/songwriter, well known from Australia`s Got Talent (tap dancing, 2011) and the Voice Kids (2014).
Now he is exciting and proud (and so we are) to announce his first album: The Beginning. This CD contains 6 originals songs and 3 covers.
Let`s hope, this is only the beginning.

Ky is currently working on his second EP and expects to release within the next couple of months.

Karoline Rhett just released her second album Brave. It is available on iTunes, but you can also order a physical copy from her website. If you order your (autographed) copy from her website before the end of the year, she will donate 50% of the proceeds to Wings for Kids, an organization that is doing some pretty amazing things for kids.
On the album: `Tiny Heartbreaks`, `I`m the Melody`, `Brave, `Ordinary` and `Color Outside the Lines`.

Her previous album Melody is still available. Follow the same links as above.

`Just for you` is the title of an EP by the Californian (Texas born) twins Kyle and Benjamin Sharp, better known as Shar Turn Ahead. It contains 5 original songs:
Just for You
Live like You`re Dreaming
I Think I Miss You
A Littel Bit of Awesome

The album is available for download at iTunes or order a physical copy at their website.

Birthday on Friday: Markus Attinger (27), Kelsey K (18);
Saturday: Nicolas Pinson (20), Matthias Pinson (20);
Sunday: Jonas Kenner (29), Anthony Gargiula (18), London Asterino (17);
Monday: Daria Stefan (13);

Toby Randall : Wild (2015)

some more by Toby Randall

Chained To the Rhythm



One Dance

Somebody Else


Green Light

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new videos

Alex Lyons
Dancing on My Own

Say You Won`t Let Go

Egor Revsky
Can`t Stop the Feeling


Francesca Herro

Emerson Garcia
Like a Drum

Kiera Dzeparoski
Smile (DI)

Angus Simpson
One Call Away

Callum Hobson
Fly Me to the Moon

ft. Jezzpi

Carson Lueders
Feels Good

Matteo Markus Bok
E` diventata primavera

Alex Angelo
Down For You

Luana Khelashvili
River Deep Mountain High

Matteo Markus Bok
Just One Lie

Anthony Abrakmanov
You`re the Voice

Robin Dylon
Get Up

Griffin Tucker

Toby Randall
Green Light

Matvey Gilev
Песня Джима

Greg Gontier
[Beauty and the Beast]

Chris Monaghan
Here to Stay

Dalton Cyr
Check Yes Juliet

Caroline Dare
Wish You Were Mine

Clay Boatwright
Home (Buble)

Madi Lee

Saskia Eng
Dancing on My Own

Lukas Rieger
Side by Side

Closer + Cold

Jackie Evancho

Emily Taylor Kaufman
ft. Preston Howell
Beauty and the Beast

Carmen Wyler
No One

Maya Pop
Say You Won`t Let Go

Hugo Henrique
Mala (HH)

Paige Brooklynne
Never Forget You

Victoria Azevedo

ft. Mia Bee
Panic Cord

Sophia Dion
I Wish I Was

Wendy Sarmiento

Josie Nelson
Better Together

Cameron Molloy
Take Me Back to Those Days

Jessie Folley
Castle on the Hill

Emma Marie
True Colors

Caroline Dare
Shape Of You

Liberty Grant
Supermarket Flowers

Ky Baldwin
Say You Won`t Let Go

Your World

Alli Carter


Cassi Hilbers
Like a Rose

Taj Ralph
Beat The Keeper

Julian Martel

Angela and Hannah
What Am I Becoming

Dalton Cyr
Wild (Sivan)


Jannine Weigel

ft. Jadyn Rylee
Nothing Else Matters

[tvk6-Nederland blind auditions]

Stef van den Heuvel
Best Fake Smile
[tvk6-Nederland blind auditions]

[tvk6-Nederland blind auditions]

[tvk6-Nederland blind auditions]

Monica Marincas
I Will Always Love You

Sam Santiago
ft. Jasmine Clarke
Say Something

Ethan Young
Rise Up (Day)

Henno William
The Best Part

Evan Kepler
Stand by You

Levent Geiger
Up and Down

Dorian Duta
I Don`t Wanna Live Forever

Giselle Torres
My Biggest Mistake

James Bell
Shooting Stars

Emma Marie
ft. Lucy Gowen + Sina
Smoke on the Water

Luca Emanuel
ft. Nora + Miran
True Colors
[tvk5-Germany battles]

[tvk6-Nederland blind auditions]

Daniel Henrique
ft. Tabatha Almeida
Perfect (Sheeran)

Denis Costea
Dulce Mama

Luca Emanuel
Beste Zeit

Jadyn Rylee
Beauty and the Beast

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